Only 1.11% people know this about drug abuse prevention

Only 1.11% people know this about drug abuse prevention

"Recovery is difficult you'll be able to quit for on a daily'll be able to quit for a lifespan, Regret is tougher."


The way to forestall habit

While it’s much not possible to stop anyone and everybody from victimization illicit medication, there area unit things we will all do to avoid drug and/or substance abuse. By sharing this information with those nearest to you, you yourself could also be able to forestall them from doing medication, too. Here area unit the highest 5 ways that to assist forestall drug use:

According to the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment’s recently discharged report on the “National Survey on Extent and Pattern of Substance Use in India” (2019), the magnitude of substance use is:

• sixteen large integer individuals (14.6%) between the age of ten and seventy five years area unit current users of alcohol, and out of them, 5.2% area unit alcohol dependents.

• About 3.1 large integer people (2.8%) area unit cannabis users, and seventy two hundred thousand (0.66%) individuals suffer from cannabis issues.

• Overall opioid users a pair of.06% and nearly zero.55% (60 lakh) need treatment services/health

• 1.18 large integer (1.08%) area unit current users of sedatives (non-medical use).

• 1.7% of youngsters and adolescents area unit inhalant users as compared to adults of zero.58%. Nearly eighteen hundred thousand kids would like facilitate for inhalant use.

• it's calculable that regarding eight.5 hundred thousand individuals area unit injecting medication (PWID – folks that inject drugs)


1. Effectively wear down peer pressure.

The biggest reason teens begin victimization illicit medication is as a result of their friends utilize peer pressure. nobody likes to be overlooked, and youths (and affirmative, some adults, too) realize themselves doing things they unremarkably wouldn’t do, simply to suit in. In these cases, you wish to either realize a much better cluster of friends that won’t pressure you into doing harmful things, Teens ought to prepare an honest excuse or set up earlier than time, to stay from giving into tempting things.

2. Wear down life pressure.

People nowadays area unit overworked and engulfed, and infrequently want an honest break or a souvenir is due. however within the finish, medication solely create life a lot of trying — and plenty of folks only too typically fail to acknowledge this within the moment. to stop victimization medication as a souvenir, realize different ways that to handle stress and unwind. Take up travail, scan an honest book, volunteer with the poverty-stricken, produce one thing. something positive and reposeful helps take the mind off victimization medication to alleviate stress.

3. Request facilitate for psychological state.

Mental illness and habit typically go hand-in-hand. Those with a psychological state unwellness might intercommunicate medication as the way to ease the pain. Those stricken by some sort of psychological state unwellness, like anxiety, depression or post-traumatic stress disorder ought to request the assistance of a trained skilled for treatment before it ends up in substance use.

4. Examine each risk issue.

If you’re tuned in to the biological, environmental and physical risk factors you possess, you’re a lot of probably to beat them. A history of habit within the family, living in a very social setting that glorifies habit and/or family life that models habit are often risk factors.

5. Keep a well-balanced life.

People take up medication once one thing in their life isn't operating, or once they’re sad regarding their lives or wherever their lives area unit going. cross-check life’s massive image, and have priorities so as.

If you recognize somebody that's stricken by habit associate degreed addiction treatment is an option; check to check if their insurance supplier covers some, or all of the treatment.

The Ministry of Social Justice and authorization is additionally running a National Toll Free Helpline 14446 to supply tele-counseling to Drug users and refer them to the closest de-addiction Centre

National Toll Free Drug De-addiction Helpline range 1800-11-0031

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